Mercury Removal

If you are concerned about your mercury fillings and the presence of mercury in your body, you can do something about it. And we can help.

Many of us have mercury in our system, having been exposed to it in the form of mercury fillings, pollution from industry, automobile switches and parts, vaccines (polio, prior to 1999), and even contact lens solutions. When mercury enters our body, it gets deposited in the brain and various organs and has a tendency to stay there.

Most of us don’t react to this exposure, yet for some it leads to ill health.

Chelation is a method of removing mercury that has accumulated in the body. But before you can proceed, the first step is to remove all mercury fillings. At VCCID, we take the utmost care during mercury filling removal to guard against exposure to mercury dust and vapors that can materialize during the drilling process. Once your fillings are safely removed, you can proceed with chelation.

Methods that are used to extract mercury from the body include:

  • Dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA) – A compound used to chelate, or bind to, mercury. It is taken orally to help remove mercury from the body’s storage sites.
  • Sodium Dimercaptopropanesul-fonate (DMPS) – Similar to DMSA, and is taken orally.
  • Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid (EDTA) – A synthetic amino acid, an EDTA infusion bonds with unwanted metals in the body and carries them away in the urine.
  • Natural vitamin therapy such as C and E, and or cilantro tea. These are among some of the methods used by naturopaths.

Dr. Balogh and the VCCID team perform safe, effective removal of mercury fillings. We can also refer you to a trained naturopath for chelation/mercury removal. Call us today for more information.