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How to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a chronic condition caused largely by bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. It is an infection of the gum tissues surrounding your teeth. Gum disease is characterized by severe inflammation. The end result of gum disease is tooth loss, and everyone is susceptible. Whether it progresses or causes any long-term effects such as tooth loss depends on how well it is controlled and treated. There are many ways to prevent gum disease and improve the condition of your gums.

 At VCCID, we use a combination of holistic dental care, and medical treatment to help clear symptoms and treat the disease. Many mild to moderate cases of gum disease can be treated with holistic methods. Some patients may require oral surgery and gum grafting, however holistic methods are also essential to patient recovery and future prevention. 

Holistic Treatment for Gum Disease 

As mentioned, at VCCID we take a holistic approach to dentistry, and we take both your physical and mental health into account when we create your personalized treatment plan. We know that all parts of the body are interconnected and play a specific role in your overall well-being. When there is inflammation or infection caused by gum disease, it can trigger an immune response in your body and lead to other severe illnesses such as heart disease. 

There are many safe and natural ways to both treat and prevent gum disease in the long run. We focus on prevention and seek to educate our patients as best we can with regards to healthy eating and lifestyle factors. 

Non-Invasive Tooth Cleaning 

If you have a mild case of gum disease, a tooth cleaning may be all that’s required to help alleviate your symptoms. This non-invasive treatment is able to remove plaques and tartar build-up around your teeth and gums. This procedure is done at our clinic, it is recommended that patients have regular teeth cleanings every 6 months. However, your dentist may suggest more frequent visits if you are experiencing symptoms of mild gum disease. Non-invasive dental cleanings are also an excellent way to prevent additional oral health problems such as cavities and root canals

Focus on Oral Hygiene 

The first step to treating gum disease is practicing proper oral healthcare. This means brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day and flossing at least once per day. It is also important to drink lots of water, to help flush bacteria out of your mouth. It’s a good idea to replace old toothbrushes once every 6 months to prevent bacteria build-up as well. 

Oil Pulling and Essential Oils 

Many patients suffering from gum disease have seen positive results from oil pulling. As noted by Healthline: “Oil pulling is very similar to rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. A patient must simply swish oil around in their mouth, to rinse their teeth and gums for around 10-15 minutes. Harmful, plaque-causing bacteria become swept away and trapped in the oil.” Oil pulling is a natural, holistic way to remove oral bacteria and treat the symptoms of gum disease. 

Holistic Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Your meal choices fuel your body and your mind. When you eat unhealthy foods high in fat, chemical additives, and sugar, it can have negative effects on your entire body, especially your gums. Gum disease is a sign that you need to be vigilant about your oral health and dietary needs. In order to prevent gum disease, be sure you follow a healthy diet filled with vitamin-rich nutrients. Visit the Canadian Food Guide for resources that can help you with planning healthy and filling meals. 

It’s also extremely important to be aware of what you drink. Sugary drinks can often go unnoticed in your diet, but they still affect your oral health as well as your body. As mentioned by Statistics CanadaAlmost half (44%) of the average daily sugar intake of children and adolescents came from beverages.” Be very careful about what you drink. Make water your number one drink of choice to help prevent gum disease naturally. A well-hydrated mouth flushes away bacteria that gathers on the tongue and between the teeth. It’s important to stay hydrated to keep your mouth from getting dry. 

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene 

The simplest way to prevent gum disease is to brush and floss your teeth daily. Brushing will remove any plaque on the outside surfaces of the teeth, and flossing will remove plaque which builds up between the teeth. 

Toothbrushes do not reach areas between the teeth, so if you do not floss, you are not cleaning all around your teeth thoroughly. Next, visit your dentist regularly. 

Dentists and hygienists are trained to look for the earliest signs of gum disease and can remove any calculus that has built up underneath or around the gums. This calculus cannot be removed by simply brushing, so it is vital to have a professional cleaning done in a dental office. 

Gum Disease: When to Seek Treatment

Generally, a very thorough cleaning will improve a persons’ gum problems significantly so that it can be later maintained with routine care. If periodontal pockets have been created that makes it impossible to stop the progression of the disease without gum surgery. Some teeth may have to be removed for the sake of keeping those that can be saved. Missing teeth can be replaced with partial dentures, bridges, or implants.

Contact VCCID To Learn More About Your Options 

Our dentists and hygienists are trained to look for and treat the earliest signs of gum disease and can educate you to properly care for your mouth and protect your gums. 

Contact us and book an appointment if you think you may have gum disease or gingivitis. Gum disease can be manageable when it is treated early and it can be prevented with proper oral health care and dental visits.

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Covid Phase II:  Dental offices reopening


We are “OPEN”


UPDATE May 22 2020


Dear patients:


The BC provincial health officer has given dental offices in BC the green light to reopen under “Phase II” regulations.  These regulations are dictated by WorksafeBC, the provicnical licencing body, the ongoing progression or diminishing of viral cases and current understanding of transmission, particularly in the dental office setting. 


The  greatest risk/concern re further spread of this virus is with those that are currently ill or who may have come into contact with someone who has been ill within the past 14 days. In the dental clinic the  concern is the generation of any aerosols that may contain virus particles.


Therefore when booking appointments  we will ask a series of questions to determine your risk. For those at risk of being Covid positive, treatment will be deferred until  the 14 day risk of transmission has passed. If treatment is of an urgent nature, we have  additional safety measures in place to provide emergency care, assuming it will not create a greater health risk. Alternatively referrals to a hospital may be  recommended for anyone with severe health risks who cannot be treated in office.


For those without contact or risk of Covid, we will be able to book your appointments. Upon arrival to the office you are required to complete a COVID screening  and consent form prior to being seen in the clinic area. The clinical staff will also do an assessment to determine if there is any risk. 


Similarly our staff will also be assessed daily to ensure none are ill or have had contact with a potential case of COVID within the previous 14 days.


We are required to modify our scheduling to allow for continued distancing and other measures to minimize potential spread. Therefore we anticipate a slightly longer waiting period for available appointments until this Phase II is complete.


Our primary concern is your overall health, consequently we have incorporated  additional protocols and precautions during this time to ensure the safety of patients as well as staff from this viral infection.  It involves additional barrier protection, modifying how procedures are done to avoid generating aerosols and sterilization protocols to decontaminate any surfaces that may have come in contact with aerosols. 


The good news is that over the past 50+ years the dental industry has learned to manage and control in-office transmission of many viruses, bacteria and outbreaks of  illnesses, and we anticipate these same protocols  will continue to protect yourselves as well as the staff. As we move through Phase II and  see this pandemic lose its “foothold” we expect we will slowly return to a more normal routine and scheduling of appointments. 


Of course your dental health is also paramount and therefore finding appointments for your care is also essential. Rest assured that we will be following up and contacting anyone who has missed appointments and those that are currently booked in the weeks ahead. 




Dr Peter Balogh and all of us at VCCID