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What is a Biological Dentist?

Biological dentists and the study of holistic dentistry has increased in popularity over the last 10-15 years. Biological dentists take a modern ‘whole body’ approach to dental care, rather than traditional dentists, who just look at a patient’s oral health in order to diagnose and treat dental illnesses. 

Biological dentists openly understand that the body is interconnected. Indeed, this is a relatively new and emerging field of dental care. In dental school, dentists are trained to focus just on the mouth and oral health, however, biological dentists challenge the status quo and dive deep into dentistry as it relates to the rest of the body. 

VCCID’s Dr. Balogh, based in Burnaby, BC is a biological dentist. He believes in a holistic, toxicity-free approach to dental care for his patients in the Lower Mainland. He has helped treat thousands of happy clients and can help with removing mercury fillings, detoxifying the body and custom preventative treatment plans. 

Let’s explore what this means and why biological dentistry is a rapidly growing sphere in the dental industry throughout North America. 

Biological Dentist Definition 

A biological dentist believes that oral health and whole body health are completely interconnected. They understand that a patient’s lifestyle, diet, medical history and psychological state can all affect their oral health as well as their physical health. 

Biological dentists are also known as holistic dentists and the terms can be used interchangeably. 

They take a proactive and preventative approach to patient treatment plans, rather than treating problems as they come up. 

They use non-toxic materials in their patients mouths and use natural vitamins and mineral supplements to help improve oral health. 

Biological dentists don’t just treat the problem at hand, whether it be gum disease, a cavity or new fillings, instead, they look at a variety of different factors that could contribute to a patient’s current oral health. From there, they will suggest lifestyle changes as part of their treatment plans. 

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Biological vs Traditional Dentistry 

In contrast to biological dentists, we have the practice of traditional dentistry. 

Traditional dentists only focus on your oral health. They do not consider the full body and the patient’s lifestyle/habits when they assess the teeth. The current vast majority of dentists are traditional dentists because this is what has been traditionally taught in dental schools. 

The main difference between the two are the approaches each dental professional takes to dental care. Traditional dentists only treat symptoms, while biological dentists will focus more on prevention. 

For example, if a patients went to a traditional dentist with a cavity, the dentist would remove the cavity and use a filling (which could contain materials that are toxic to the body, like mercury). Once the filling is in, they would put a crown on the tooth and the patient would be on their way. Conversely, a biological dentist would treat the cavity and fill it with non-toxic materials. They would place a crown and talk with the patient to learn more about their personal health and dietary habits. They would then counsel the patient to ensure they are making good lifestyle choices which can prevent future cavities from occurring. The biological dentist would book a follow up appointment in order to monitor the patients long term health and check to ensure there are no additional cavities forming. 

Biological dentists have the same training as traditional dentists. They are certified to practice dentistry, however, they take a different approach philosophically to dental care. They use materials that are safe for the body and take a holistic approach to care. They follow up with patients and are genuinely interested in helping with their health and lifestyle goals. Whereas traditional dentists still use mercury and other potentially harmful chemicals during treatment and they treat patients when they come in but focus very little effort on helping with prevention. 

How to Choose a Good Biological Dentist 

Biological dentistry is an emerging area of dental care. This means that it is very important to do your research before you choose your new biological dentist. Search online for biological and holistic dentists and see who is local to your area. 

Before you visit the clinic, search for the dentists credentials and be sure they are certified to practice in your area. Meet with the dentist and ask them more about their holistic approach to dental care. It is important to find a dentist who listens to you personally and has your best interest in mind.

Determine whether or not  the dental clinic takes your insurance plan, or offers any in-house payment programs to be sure that your treatment is affordable. 

Benefits of a Biological Dentist 

There are so many benefits to choosing a biological dentist:

  • Focus is placed on preventative care 
  • Mercury-free 
  • Toxin free dental care 
  • Your health is their priority 
  • Low to no radiation testing 
  • Medical history and dental history is taken into account
  • In-depth treatment plans tailored to your needs

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What to Expect at your First Appointment with a Biological Dentist 

Your first appointment may take a little longer than a regular dental check in. This is because your biological dentist will need to assess your health history in detail. 

In general, in your first appointment you can expect a more personal experience. Your dentist will ask for your detailed medical history, both oral and physical. They will add this information to your profile in order to create a detailed treatment plan, specific to your needs. 

They will perform an in-depth assessment of your current oral health and may perform diagnostic tests using no to low radiation. 

They will ask about your health goals for both your oral and physical health and then will create a detailed plan in order to treat and prevent future oral health problems. 

Book an Appointment with our Biological Dental Team in Burnaby 

VCCID is a biological dental practice in Burnaby, BC. Our clinic serves clients from all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

Our dentists believe in caring for more than just your teeth. Dr Balogh and his team focus on holistic and preventative dental care. 

At VCCID we are committed to our patients long term health and well being. Book your appointment today and experience a revolutionary form of dental care. 

Discover all the possibilities.

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Vancouver, 2003

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Coquitlam, 2018

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Burnaby, 2004

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Burnaby, 1998

Single Implant Front Tooth



*All photos presented are of work done by Dr. Balogh on actual patients. None of the photos have been retouched other than to crop images to the appropriate size and area of interest. These photos are examples only. The exact and potential outcome varies with each patient, depending on many factors such as the presenting condition(s), general health, and dental health, etc. If you wish to learn more we recommend contacting us for a consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment options, and results that are feasible for your dental condition.

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