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VCCID Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us!
End of embarrassment

“I was having trouble with my denture slipping, trouble with chewing and was never able to smile without my teeth (denture) falling out. But since I had my transplant (dental implants) everything is okay. I sometimes forget that these are not my own teeth and I have teeth again. I can smile without pain or discomfort and eat everything without problem. It is one of the best things that I have ever done.

Thanks to Dr. Balogh + associates. Job well done,”

W Redman


“To whom it may concern,

My experience with the wisdom tooth operation was a pleasant surprise for several reasons. First, everything was explained in detail by Dr. Balogh well before the operation. He pointed out all the advantages and disadvantages of having this procedure done at this time even though I felt no pain. He explained that it is best to have it done as soon as possible because later on the damage may be irreversible. Secondly, the operation itself was done almost completely painlessly. If you are really nervous about going to a dentist I recommend that you choose the optional anaesthetic because it will help you relax. Finally, for about two to three weeks after the operation you might feel some discomfort when eating or opening the mouth. This will get better with time. I found it difficult to brush or floss for about a week. Thus it was very important to rinse every four hours with salt water to keep the wounds clean. I also experienced some numbness on my tongue for about three days but the medication that I received was very helpful in getting rid of the discomfort. In my case three of the wounds are completely healed after six weeks. The fourth one is still sensitive but it is getting better each week. In conclusion I just want to say that everything from start to finish was very professionally done. I would also like to thank Dr. Balogh for all the dental work he has done for me over the past year.

G Karsai

Wisdom Tooth

“I am happy with the final result. I’ve had my implants for seven years now and I would recommend this treatment, especially if their dentures no longer worked.”

M Gordon

Dental Implants

“I wanted to get implants and ridges to replace the old dentures. Everything went very smoothly-the most uncomfortable thing was getting x-rays-the film hurt in the mouth. I feel this was a very good investment because I enjoy eating. I am very satisfied and appreciate that Dr. Balogh would see me when I needed them.”

H Tsai

Dental Implants


“I had bone reconstruction and dental implants and was very satisfied with each procedure. It was less painful than I had anticipated and I only needed a few days of recovery after each stage. I am more than impressed with Dr. Baloghs’ professionalism, skills an attitude towards his patients. My dental health has improved dramatically, for which I am thankful.”

S Petrovic

Dental Implants

“I would definitely recommend this (implants) treatment to others. I feel it was a very valuable choice. I am very satisfied and thank you Dr. Balogh!!”

M Kukic

Dental Implants

“I had very poor performance with my lower denture. I had no problems following the surgery or any of the appointments. I am very satisfied with the results.”

L Shilliford

New Westminster
Dental Implants

“It was expensive but well worth it and we have been telling others. We are very satisfied with Dr. Balogh and staff and highly recommend their services to friends and business associates.”

R Tsuida


“I’m very happy with the result and hope that I can keep my teeth for years to come.”

I Beres


“Prior to my visit I had no idea what to expect . Dr. Balogh made it very clear from the initial interview the procedure and the length of time that would be involved. I am very pleased with the results, being able to chew as though you have your own teeth contributes to better healthy and well being. I see so many individuals who avoid fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, nuts etc, because they have difficulty chewing. I wish I had the procedure done sooner.”

D Lecomte

Dental Implants

“I can absolutely say that I have had no discomfort at all as of the (implant) surgery. I continue enjoying every precious moment of my life. Thank you for your call and your wonderful care and attention. Again, thank you very much…this is Max.”

M Tan

Dental Implants

“When Dr. Balogh suggested that I get implants I was skeptical and quite honestly, very scared. For the past 40 years I had worn a partial plate and as I got older, the plate had begun to not fit properly. Even though I was refitted with a new partial, I stopped wearing the partial because it was so uncomfortable, but I was always conscious about the space where there was no teeth. With encouragement from my husband and upon speaking with another friend who also had implants done by Dr. Balogh, I finally agreed to have implants. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Unfortunately, the bone had shrunk over the years in the space where there were no teeth and Dr. Balogh had to do grafting to build up the bone. This took at least six months for the bone to grow and heal. After that procedure, there was the implant placement and another procedure to have the implants uncovered and within one year of the initial treatment, teeth were inserted.
During this whole operation, I never experienced any major pain and/or discomfort. The only downside of the whole procedure is the time it took for the actual surgery, post op, etc., which is definitely necessary and there was some swelling in my face for a few weeks.
I chew and eat properly now and smile with more confidence. I am very satisfied with my new teeth which look very natural. I just brush and floss as normal. I certainly would recommend implants to anyone who values their health, and their appearance. It would be a decision they would never regret.

D Jong

Dental Implants

“I’m really happy with my implants-I can eat anything”

F Pahkle

Dental Implants

“A true personal story:

When I came to see Dr. Balogh, sometime in September of 2004, I was a 38 year old woman, suffering from severe dental problems and loss of a smile. I opened my heart for the first time to my friend Susan, a dental worker herself, who right away realized that something urgently had to be done. I had no dental insurance; neither did I have the financial ability to proceed with required treatment. Susan contacted Dr. Balogh in regards to my problem and soon enough an appointment for me to see Dr. Balogh was set up. I was so deeply ashamed of the appearance of my teeth, that I had to constantly remind myself that Dr. Balogh was a professional, who had seen it all, although, being aware of the condition of my teeth, I seriously doubted that. But his genuine, sincere, and above all, caring personality slowly melted my frozen smile.

When people think of dental work, they mostly focus on the improvement of their aesthetic appearance. Undoubtedly, it is an important aspect to us all, but the most significant impact, I believe, diffuses from the mere look to a deeper level of improvement it makes on our self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Balogh improved my physical appearance, which ultimately made me more confident and changed the way I presented myself to the world. I used to be hesitant to talk to people, constantly obsessing with the poor look of my teeth. My concentration span was severely distracted and for the most of the time, I was not able to focus on the subject or the topic of conversation. Slowly, I began alienating myself from others, creating the false image of being an unapproachable person, who never smiles.

Dr. Balogh undertook, what might be one of the biggest projects of his career so far, a major restoration of my mouth. At that time, I was not able to eat or chew properly and was in constant pain. Caused by the sensitivity developed in several teeth. After the examination, Dr. Balogh identified that I had lost most of my back teeth and that my remaining front teeth were severely worn, chipped and very prone to fracture. My entire bite had collapsed and this was causing severe jaw pain with residual infection around some of the existing root canals and a few other abscessed teeth. IN order to restore my teeth to proper function and health, Dr. Balogh needed to replace the missing posterior teeth. He had prepared a treatment plan, involving permanent teeth, supported by a combination of individual crowns and bridges on both the natural teeth and the dental implants, with some of my existing teeth requiring full coverage crowns. Because of the amount of atrophy in the implant sites, my treatment required bone grafting to build up the volume of bone prior to the placing of implants. Dr. Balogh anticipated that the entire treatment would take approximately sixteen months. Within that time, I undertook most of the treatments known to modern dentistry.

Since the completion of the treatment, I have been told many times, that I have a beautiful smile and nice teeth. Most of the time, people are surprised when I tell them that these are not my natural teeth. The world itself seems to be a much happier place, I definitely am.
I would like to thank Dr. Balogh and his wonderful staff and the many others who made this journey possible, for all their support and help. I have always been treated with a great deal of respect and sincere care. I feel as if I have adopted them into my extended family.
I would also like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Balogh for improving my health, ultimately my life and for all present and future smiles. His genuine, compassionate and approachable personality restored my faith in humanity.

Dr. Balogh is not only an extraordinary expert, but also a true noble soul.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,”


“To you all-thank you so much!! To others-be patient, it takes time. It is life changing-you won’t stop smiling. I would recommend Dr. Balogh and staff to everybody who wants healthy teeth or wants to change their smile. The difference before and after is unbelievable.”

J. Lepp


“Dear Dr. Balogh,
Thank you so much for saving my life and restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you for every future smile. May God bless your noble soul! With deepest respect, gratitude, and admiration,”

Inga Sarenac

“I never have a sore mouth anymore-you wouldn’t believe what I can now eat!”

G Boyd

“Thank you for giving me my smile back!”

L Deluca


“Today I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. It was performed by Dr. Balogh and a very nice CDA. I believe your dental office is really good. I have always been treated in a courteous manner and you do good work. Please thank Dr. Balogh and that nice CDA for making such an experience as pleasurable as possible. I’ll be fine tomorrow; I can eat and drink already. No swelling, no scars, no loss of feeling. Everything is great.

T Meller

Wisdom Tooth

A short note to thank you for my brighter smile! Your donation to our school is how this all started, and you went above and beyond with the m – office beaching + the take home kit. I enjoyed seeing your office + meeting your professional staff.
Thanks again”

K Mailey

Lions Bay

“Thank you for always being so kind, sensitive and understanding to those of us who perhaps “dread the pain + anxiety” of dentistry. I am lucky to have you as my dentist! I have watched you progress from when you first began your practice; I knew you would be successful!! God bless you-your staff are also so kind.
Deeply grateful, your patient”

S Clarke


“(Regarding implants) Fabulous, beyond description! The whole procedure was painless. They are like my own teeth and even better. I would do it again in exactly the same way.
My teeth are absolutely amazing! I have had many laudatory comments by other dentists, technologists and friends. It is a masterpiece. I can’t stop smiling!!”

K Kalopsis

Dental Implants

“To all staff at Dr. Balogh’s office:
Thank you for your support, professional courtesy and friendly attitude.
With respect,”

Inga Sarenac


“Dear Peter,
Peter, thank you for doing such a great job on my teeth. I’m getting a sore jaw from smiling so much. All our London families have commented on your precise, creative handiwork, as have many complete strangers.
Hugs and lots of kisses,”

K Kalopsis

Dental Implants

“Dear Dr. Balogh,
Thank you for taking care of my teeth during these past six months. These special moments will be an unforgettable experience in the rest of my life. Thank you again for your loving, caring, touching heart during this time. Last but not least, I hope I didn’t give you too much trouble ☺”

A Luk


“Denise’s new teeth from Dr. Balogh look so beautiful. Her grandson Robert is looking up at Denise who now automatically smiles – even a bit – because of her new “pearly whites”


“I was and am still very pleased with the job done considering I came into the office with no original teeth and very upset with my previous experiences. I admire Dr. Balogh and believe he is highly qualified in his field. I am happy to recommend him to others.”

Denise Jarvis

North Vancouver

“Hi peter + all,
Just want to thank you for all your caring and miracle-working professional services. Can’t actually find enough “______” to say about “ya all” – but you know and feel what we mean – to be sure! What a team! The CA battle goes on here but with your love and compassion, the “battle fatigue” is much lessened.”

D Jarvis & family

“I would recommend Dr Balogh and staff to everybody who wants healthy teeth or wants to change their smile. The difference before and after is unbelievable.”

I Beres


“No one asks me what is wrong with your teeth anymore. Thank you!”

B Phillips

North Vancouver

“My daughter said I look so much better. I look like I just had a facelift.”

S Lutgens


“To Doctor Balogh and his staff,
Many thanks once again for my beautiful smile.”

D Holland


“Mario serves wonderful coffee! Rest of the services-great, perfect, amazing?”

J Boer


“I decided to have my wisdom teeth pulled after speaking with Dr. Balogh. My teeth were trying to come in and causing a small amount of discomfort. I wasn’t too worried about what would happen. I was expecting some pain.

Dr. Balogh explained everything to me before the operation. During the operation I remember watching the dentist but I experienced no pain and can’t remember much. Afterwards I was brought home and I slept for several hours.

I had a small amount of swelling but no bruising. The medication I received reduced the pain greatly. I remember not being able to each very well because I couldn’t open my mouth very wide however I survived. The pain was gone within 4 days and I was able to resume my previous life without too many alterations being required.”

C. Fletcher

“Very friendly team. Overall great experience. Thank you.”

C. Gordon


“Professional service on all levels. Empathetic and listens-meets needs.”

L Heyman


“Dear Dr. Balogh:
Thank you for designing the perfect teeth for me, they look so real. I appreciate the surprisingly painless dental appointments I got through for my upper and lower implants. I am very pleased with the outcome. I would certainly commend you to others, your friendly and helpful office staff too.
Yours truly,”

M Young

Dental Implants

“Very pleased. Dr. Balogh + staff are friendly + professional. Dr. Balogh takes time to explain the procedure and options. We are very satisfied at this time.”

S Dotto


“Dr. Balogh, Bahar, and staff
A very big thank you for doing such a professional job. You guys are really the best dental office I’ve ever been to. Often you won’t get to hear how well you do your thing, so I wanted to let you know.
Many thanks”

T Vermelen


“Very satisfied with all aspects of the work to replace my 40 year old 4 tooth bridge with the modern implant option. Major work with conscious sedation = no pain/discomfort. Final fitting = looking good!”

A Hiebert

New Westminster
Dental Implants

“Great service, I developed a minor issue with contact between implant and next door teeth. Came in without appointment and they fitted me in.”

R Hallman

Dental Implants

“The team went above and beyond expectations. I was very impressed with the personal care and attention outside of normal business hours when I had a cosmetic dental emergency. Very professional.”

Chris Smith

Cosmetic Dentistry

“Dr. Balogh,
“You know…for a dentist…you’re not too bad (ha ha)…and as for a human being…well, let’s just say…you “supersede the superlative!”
Once again, thanks ever so much for being patient with my many visits and demands…but MOST OF ALL…Thank you for you ever present perfectionism: from your demeanor, your chairside manner, your awesome “wielder/injection” technique AND ESPECIALLY THE END RESULT OF YOUR WORK-credit to your profession!”

K. Bodard


“Thanks once again for the extra effort you made to provide such good care. I appreciate it very much!”

J Gail


“Thank you to everyone at Dr. Balogh’s + Dr. Kwok’s office (bahar, Cathy, Mavis, Mario, Charissma, Lisa, Wendy, Shalina)
Thanks to all for welcoming me into your office and allowing me to observe and get in the way! Everyone at the office is super nice and such a pleasure to work with. I got to learn a lot and many many thanks again to everyone.

G Fong

“Dear Dr. Balogh:
We both like to thank you for the excellent work you have done for both of us.”

Dr. and Mrs. J. Halak

“Thank you Doctor Balogh, to you and all your team!
I sincerely appreciate your consideration in fitting my tooth repair in at short notice. I am very pleased with the result. Thank you too for your understanding of my appointment missed due to illness. I look forward to seeing you soon”

B Kenson

Cosmetic Dentistry

“Dear Dr Balogh, Dr Nasiry, and staff,
Thank you all for the beautiful sympathy bouquet. I appreciate it very much – as I appreciate what wonderful care you all took of mom! She used to tease that although she was your patient, Dr Balogh, She’d never met you – but she adored Dr Kwok, Dr Nasiry, Shalina, Trish, Cathy, Mario, and everyone else she encountered. Thank you again.”

L Court


“When I began my treatment with you, I didn’t know I was going to be such a difficult patient. This note is to thank you for all the care, patience and time you gave to me. It’s all turned out well in the end. Thanks again, yours with a big smile.”

P Sugden

“Dear Dr. Balogh + Staff, I just wanted to write you all a note and say that, out of all the dental offices I have worked at, you guys hands down rock!

My time here has been amazing and it was a pleasure to be a part of your team, even if it was just for a short while!
Thank you again for making me feel so welcomed and I hope to have the privilege of working with all of you in the future.”

A Mansour

“To Doctor Balogh and staff. Thank you for doing such a great job on Morgan’s teeth and for being so patient and accommodating.”

V McConkey

“Thank you very much for the thinking of my mother and making copies of the DVD’s. We found them very interesting and in particular, the one on intestinal health. Anyone who doubts the relationship between food/diet and the effects on the digestive system should view this. I looked up the kangem water system and still have questions. We will be viewing these again, as they are very interesting to us, especially at this difficult time. Thank you again for your concern and thoughtfulness in making these. We know you’re extremely busy and we are touched by your thoughtfulness. And thank you for our dental/oral health throughout the years.”

P Asham


“I was and still am very pleased with the job well done. I admire Dr. Balogh and believe he is highly qualified in his field. I am HAPPY to recommend him to others.”

D Jin


“Friendly, service, children were very comfortable and enjoyed visit, nice approach when working with children.”

A Barroetaena

Family Dentistry

“Dear doctor Balogh,
Thank you so much for all that you do and how you do it for us, especially for Nelia. You’ve really helped us and you’ve not left us alone with Nelia’s problem. We deeply appreciate it.”

Yuri, Elena, and Nelia

“The very best dental office in Burnaby. Very friendly staff.”

J Kelly


“Everybody is extremely friendly! Accommodating, respectful, very professional and with excellent results.”

T Shabacon


“The kids love Ryan + Shalina. Made them feel comfortable. Dr. Dehghani is very friendly too and Cathy is great with the girls! Thank you!”

L Cabot

“Dr. Balogh did a fantastic job and looked after me very well. Thanking him ever so much.”

B Rutzen


“The appointment was complete before I knew it! Thanks Ryan! Good job!”


“Friendly service, children were very comfortable + enjoyed visit. Nice approach when working with children.”


Family Dentistry

“I’ve been coming here for years and the service has always been superb. Excellent team you have all around. Thank you.”

A Saedi


“Awesome! I actually enjoy coming to the dentist since coming here!”

C Mckenzie


“I intend to continue seeing Shalina. This is my second visit with her; my teeth feel amazing after this visit (as I’m writing this comment) and I also want to say that since the last time I saw her my tooth pain has completely stopped.”

D Adams


“The best dental office in Burnaby. Very friendly staff.”


“Great service, crown looks great!”

S Schneider

Dental Crown

“Great job. No complaints. Keep it up!!”

R Waters


“Cathy is always cheerful + relaxed which sets a good tone for the rest of the visit. Our hygienist is amazing; gentle, and makes you feel at east. Great dental experience.”

W Roe


“Over the years the service has been excellent.”

L Perrot

White Rock

“Excellent cleaning. I love Shalina.”


“Dr. Balogh is a very honest, reasonable, patient dentist. Very very caring.”

N Astifan


“Very polite and educated me on my hygiene. Would recommend more people to see her.”

G Marshall

“Arrived early, I was taken right away – liked this as no need wasted.”

Ann Ricci

“Dr Balogh always makes me feel comfortable and I really trust his opinion. Bahar is extremely friendly and welcoming. Ryan always does a great job too. I would not want to go anywhere else.”

B Finnicane


“Always have good service; my present hygienist is excellent!”

M Gordon


“We have looked + looked to find a reputable dental centre. A friend recommended this dentist, and we couldn’t be happier with the professional attitude and the kind service. Thanks to all of the staff and to Dr. Balogh as well.”

A Polyvas

“I appreciate you taking the time to put the bonding on the top of those 2 caps for me!
Thank you very much!”

S Tailleur

Dental Teeth Bonding

“I was waiting for my daughter and was THRILLED to see Christian books on your coffee table. Please always have the courage to keep them there.”

D Cairns

Vancouver Island

“Shalina is awesome. She is gentle with my teeth + gums + is always in a great mood, so she’s never rushing me out the door.”



“Since coming to Dr. Nasiry my anxiety around dental work has decreased. She is very skilled + so kind I have ever growing confidence with her. All assistants Amber + Bahar are equally kind + attentive!”

L Bresolin


“I am happy with the service I received.”

D Wong


“Amber is a great hygienist and has a great personality.”

S Quon


“Great professional service as usual!”

J Northgraves


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