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Family Dentistry in Burnaby

Comfortable for kids. Convenient for parents. Whether you have toddlers or teens, we provide everything growing smiles need.

A pair of happy families showing the satisfaction that children and parents feel when they visit VCCID for pediatric children's dentistry in Burnaby

Need a dentist for your family?

Changing offices is easy! We’ll transfer all your patient records for you.
Family-Friendly Dental Care

Everything a growing smile needs.

From smile development exams to cavity treatment and prevention, we clean your child’s teeth — and do a whole lot more.

A dentist gently examining a contented child's teeth, illustrating the positive experience that young patients receive when visiting VCCID in Burnaby for children's dentistry

Healthy smiles.
Every step of the way.

As an Infant

First teeth. First visits. And those all important first dental habits. We create a warm, welcoming introduction to dentistry that sets up a lifetime of great oral health.

As a Child

Great smiles don’t happen by accident. They come from regular care and proactive bite and smile correction — which we’ll take care of for your child, of course.

As a Teen

They’ve gotta be cool, and nothing says cool like a great smile. Whether it’s Invisalign, whitening, or even veneers, teenage smiles are well cared-for here.

We haven’t forgotten about you.

We provide complete family care. For the parents. For the grandparents. And someday, just maybe, for the grandkids too.

What we do.

Exams & Cleaning

Gentle cleaning. Thorough exams. For completely healthy smiles.

Fluoride & Sealants

Extra protection while your child learns their daily brushing habits.

Teething & Eruption

Careful monitoring of your child’s teeth and orthodontic development.

Orthodontic Treatment

For straight teeth, well-aligned bites, and picture-perfect smiles.

Cavity & Infection Care

Cavities and infections: Out. Healthy care and prevention habits: In.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Touch-ups to repair tooth damage or lift your child’s confidence.

A Commitment to Comfort

We’re gentle.
Like really gentle.

A bad early experience can turn a person away from dentistry for life. So we promise to do everything we can to make your child’s experience great — every single time.

  • Shorter visits (30-40 minutes)
  • Breaks whenever they want
  • Optional sedation treatment
  • Upbeat, positive attitudes

Is dental anxiety already a struggle?

Tell us about your child and we’ll show you how we’ll rebuild their trust towards dentistry.

Foundations for Lifelong Oral Health

Knowledge is prevention.

In dentistry, what happens at home is as important as what happens here. Our Burnaby dentists make education – for parents and kids – one of their biggest priorities.

  • How to floss and brush properly
  • What to eat and what to avoid
  • Health signs to watch out for

A relaxed experience for them.
And a convenient one for you.

Patient Records

We’ll take care of migrating or creating patient records for your family.

Dental Financing

Pay at a pace that works for your budget with full or partial financing.

Benefits & Insurance

Have family dental coverage? Consider the paperwork taken care of.

Extended Hours

We can see your kids before, during, or after school. And weekends, too!

Wondering what family dentistry is all about?
Check out our FAQs!

If your child is between the ages of 2 and 3 (or older), they should begin seeing the dentist regularly to make sure their teeth are clean and their smile is developing in a normal, healthy way.

Like with adults, most children should get a dental checkup every 6 months. If there’s an area of concern that needs a bit more attention, or a child has trouble with consistently brushing and flossing their teeth, then they might need checkups more often.

A child’s mouth is still developing, so it needs to be monitored and cared for in a way that’s different from an adult mouth. A child is also still learning about how dentistry works, why it matters, and – most importantly – how they feel about it, so providing patient and gentle early experiences is so important for building healthy habits.

Many dental plans do include coverage for family members, but not all. If you’re not sure, you can check with your provider directly or talk to us and we’ll help you figure out what coverage you’re entitled to.

Great oral health starts early.

Give your child everything they need to feel great about the dentist — and their smile.