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Metal-free Zirconia Implants

No more worrying about metal sensitivity or implant rejection. Book a consultation and get back to life with a full smile!

With zirconia dental implants at VCCID, you have more options to restore your smile.

Ceramic-Based Implants

Like traditional implants.
Minus the metal.

Approved in Canada since 2013, zirconia dental implants are an effective alternative to traditional implants, offering stable tooth restoration — plus a few unique benefits.

Hypoallergenic & Implant-Ready

Better jawbone integration. No risk of metal getting into the bloodstream.

Bacteria & Corrosion Resistant

Bacteria buildup is slower on zirconia, and it won’t corrode or react with other metals.

Ideal for a Natural Looking Smile

With its clean, white colour, zirconia blends in more readily through bone or gum tissue.

Why VCCID for Zirconia Implants?

We’re very familiar
with zirconia.

As a dental practice focused on both holistic care and implant dentistry, we were among the first to bring zirconia implants to Burnaby and Metro Vancouver.

By choosing VCCID, you’re bringing a wealth of dental implants expertise to your smile — not just for zirconia implants, but implants in general. It’s like the best of both worlds: a holistic, metal-free option paired with decades of dental implant experience.

  • Extensive Zirconia Dental Implant Experience
  • A Holistic, Health-first Approach
  • Up to $25,000 in Dentalcard Financing
A photograph showing typical titanium dental implants alongside the kind of metal-free zirconia implants available at VCCID in Burnaby

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Zirconia Implants at VCCID

Ready to go metal-free?
Here’s what to expect.

At VCCID, our Burnaby dentists prioritize patient education. Before you even commit to treatment, we’ll walk you through the entire process and make sure you know exactly how it all works.

Step 1: Book an appointment

It all starts with a consultation. There’s no better way to get personalized, expert answers to your questions.

Step 2: Get x-rays and scans

Because building a personalized treatment plan starts with understanding your oral health needs inside and out.

Step 3: Discuss your treatment goals

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your results, and that means taking the time to understand your expectations.

Step 4: Build a budget and plan

It’s not just treatment planning - it’s budget planning too. We’ll make sure you know what your options are.

Step 5: Start your treatment

You’ve got it all: you know what your treatment will achieve, how much it’ll cost, and when you’ll have a full smile again.

A photograph showing the process used at VCCID in Burnaby of consulting a shade guide to match a zirconia implant's accompanying dental crown with the colour of the surrounding teeth for a more natural-looking smile
The Cost of Zirconia Implants

Treatment pricing
tailored to you.

The total cost of your treatment will always be specific to you, so you only ever pay for the care that you need. If you’re looking to start budgeting, implants start at around $4500 per tooth — once you come in for a consultation, we’ll be able to give you a personalized quote.

Our prices are guaranteed.

You’ll only ever pay what you’re quoted. If you need more care, it’s on us.

Zirconia Implants FAQs

Good question! I think it’s helpful to look at it this way: porcelain can contain aluminum and natural teeth can contain calcium. Aluminum and calcium are both metals on the periodic table — yet porcelain and natural teeth certainly aren’t made from metal!

It’s the same idea with zirconia. Although it does contain some metal atoms in it, it’s not a metal and doesn’t have the same properties that a metal would.

Sometimes. One-piece zirconia implants don’t require an abutment and crown to be attached later, so in those cases the implant procedure can be shorter. 

However, healing times vary between people, so even though a one-piece zirconia implant may have a shorter surgery time, the healing process may be just as long as it is for a titanium implant or two-piece zirconia implant.

Allergies are complex, so it’s impossible to say that absolutely no one may be allergic to zirconia. However, there haven’t been any documented cases of a patient being allergic to their zirconia implants.

For patients who heavily grind or clench their teeth, zirconia implants aren’t ideal.

There isn’t enough long-term research around zirconia implants to say that they wouldn’t fracture if they were constantly placed under pressure from grinding or clenching. A fractured implant would be a significant issue as it would have to be removed and replaced, and that could potentially create a large defect in the jawbone.

You don’t need to compromise.

You can restore your smile without metal. Take the first step and book a consultation today!