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Root Canal Therapy in Burnaby

Get immediate relief, remove the infection, and preserve your natural smile with a root canal treatment.

A pair of images showing how a patient visiting VCCID for root canal treatment in Burnaby is able to quickly receive pain relief and restore the health of their tooth

Need immediate pain relief?

Call us to schedule an emergency root canal in Burnaby, BC

A Lifeline for Infected Teeth

Through damage or decay, harmful bacteria can infect the tissue inside of a tooth.

With root canal therapy, we rescue the tooth by removing the bacteria and decay, replacing it with a safe, medicated dental filling, and sealing the tooth to prevent infection from happening again.

  • Purified water to lower chance of reinfection
  • Single-appointment root canal treatment
  • Available sedation for stress-free care

Root Canal Symptoms

Tooth Sensitivity
Swollen Gums
Darkened Teeth
Lasting Toothache
Sharp Tooth Pain
Gum Abcesses

Experienced some of these symptoms?

Earlier treatment increases the chance your tooth can be saved.

Root Canal Treatment
in 5 Steps

1-2 hours for an infection-free smile


Consultation & Exam

We’ll examine the affected tooth and answer any questions you have.


Local Anesthetic

On the day of your treatment, we’ll begin by giving you a local anesthetic.



Next, we’ll carefully drill into the tooth, then clean and sterilize the infected area.


Filling & Capping

Finally, we’ll fill the tooth and cap it with a temporary crown if you need one.


Follow-up Care

If you received a temporary crown, we’ll replace it with a permanent crown.

Experienced Endodontic Care in Burnaby

Our root canal treatments are different because we’re full service and holistic.

With our Burnaby dentists, you get infection care, crown restoration, and personalized coaching on how to fit smile care into your budget and lifestyle — so that bad bacteria stays gone for good.

Easy Insurance / Benefits Claims

Dental Financing up to $25,000

Morning, Evening & Weekend Hours

Free Parking at Metrotown Mall

Have questions about getting a root canal in Burnaby?

No, root canal treatment isn’t painful. In fact, since it addresses the source of your discomfort, actually you’ll feel much less pain as soon as you’ve finished the treatment.

If more than half of the tooth was removed, or if the tooth was cracked, you’ll need a crown to maintain the tooth’s strength and prevent it from being damaged even further.

Yes, if you only receive local anesthetic, then you can go directly to school/work after your root canal treatment. You won’t feel much pain (if any), but the numbness may last for 2-4 hours.

Removing the tooth will stop the pain and infection, but it’ll create new problems for the health and appearance of your smile. Fixing those problems will take much more time, money, and effort than a root canal treatment.

Yes, root canal treatment is safe. While there’s been controversy around the treatment, there has been no evidence supporting claims that root canal treatment leads to cancer.

Like any medical procedure, there’s a chance that a root canal treatment won’t be successful. However, root canal treatment has a 90-95% success rate in general, so the chance that an infection will return is very low.

Relief is on the way.

Contact us to get answers to any of your questions, or book an appointment to have your smile cleaned and restored with a root canal treatment.