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Holistic Dentistry in Burnaby

Nurture complete body health with care that focuses on less-invasive treatment, safer materials, and patient education.

A pair of images illustrating the feeling of oral health and full-body health that VCCID's holistic dentist's in Burnaby provide to their patients

Science says your body’s systems are connected. Our holistic dentists treat them that way.

The Holistic Difference

Better Health Through Dentistry

Unlike traditional dental care, holistic dentistry recognizes that what happens to your teeth, gums, jaws, and all the parts of your mouth affects your entire body.

Instead of just “treating mouth issues”, we focus on understanding and preventing health issues at the source through less-invasive treatment, safer materials, and patient education.

  • Holistic care for all dental treatments
  • Comprehensive, full-service dentistry
  • Family-friendly, all-ages oral healthcare

But what does holistic care look like in practice?

Non-reactive, Hypoallergenic Treatments

Zirconia Implants

Clinically-proven and entirely metal-free, they’re ideal for anyone with metal allergies or sensitivities.

Mercury-free Fillings

We remove toxic mercury fillings and replace them with safe and durable composite fillings.


This natural technique flushes mercury and heavy metals from your body to protect you from lingering toxins.

A woman using a floss with proper technique, showing how the holistic dentists in Burnaby at VCCID provide patients with in-depth oral healthcare guidance

Nutrition and Hygiene Education

Habits and home care are every bit as important as treatments and regular checkups. Our Burnaby dentists will teach you:

  • Nutrition for better oral health
  • Cavity-preventing eating habits
  • Flossing & brushing techniques

Safer, Non-toxic Patient Care

An image of the purified water line dental tools used by VCCID's holistic dentists in Burnaby
Purified Water Lines

Each water line is flushed nightly with a disinfectant and tested regularly to ensure there’s no biofilm growth.

An image showing the type of low-radiation scanning available at VCCID in Burnaby because of its focus on holistic dentistry
Low-radiation CBCT Scans

Less radiation than traditional CT scans, but much more precision than x-rays, for safer surgery in every way.

A photograph showing the type of fully digital, low-toxicity approach that patients receive with VCCID's holistic dental care in Burnaby
Fully Digital Imaging

100% digital imaging lets you avoid potential mouth irritation and toxicity from traditional dental impressions.

Have questions?

Getting answers takes effort, but your health is worth it.


Pioneers in
Holistic Dentistry

Holistic care has been part of our philosophy from the beginning — long before complete wellness and interconnected health were recognized like they are today.

We were the first dental office to bring metal-free zirconia implants to Metro Vancouver, and that focus on offering what’s best for our patients is still what guides us.

Burnaby holistic dentist Dr. Peter Balogh providing dental care to a patient at VCCID

Complete Care, Complete Convenience

Patient Records

Coming from another clinic? We’ll take care of migrating your records.

Benefits & Insurance

Conveniently use your coverage and let us handle all of the paperwork.

Dental Financing

Make your treatments more accessible with flexible financing options.

Extended Hours

Get a healthier smile without interrupting your everyday routine.

Complete Family Care

Bring personalized, holistic dental care to everyone in your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

As holistic dentists, we provide everything you expect from a dentist, like regular cleanings, orthodontic treatment, and oral surgery along with holistic treatments and alternatives like chelation and zirconia implants.

The difference is both in the treatments we offer and the way we look at dentistry. Compared to “regular” or traditional dental care, holistic dentistry goes deeper into understanding how oral healthcare affects the body as a whole.

Definitely – especially the focus on education. Building good habits for mouth and full body wellness from a young age will lead to a lifetime of better health and comfort.

No, our holistic approach to dentistry doesn’t affect your ability to claim dental insurance or benefits when you visit us.

We certainly do! Our dentists are all fully qualified and board-certified dental practitioners.

Choose full-body dental care.

Book an appointment and see how holistic dentistry can transform your everyday comfort and protect your health from head to toe.