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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
in Burnaby

Choose from veneers, bonding or whitening and feel the confidence of a smile crafted just for you.

A young woman smiling confidently, showing the feeling that patients receive when they visit the Burnaby cosmetic dentists at VCCID

VCCID: 30+ years of
cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby

Smile Makeovers

Completely control
the look of your smile.

Here at VCCID in Burnaby, you have options to adjust practically any part of your smile, from size to shape to shade.

Porcelain & Composite Veneers

Get the value and speed of composite veneers or go all out on luxury with porcelain veneers.

Clinical-Strength Teeth Whitening

Experience long-lasting whitening that’s up to 2x stronger than typical store-bought kits.

Fast, Same-Day Teeth Bonding

Fix chips, dark spots, or small gaps in your smile. All in as little as a single appointment.

Why VCCID for Cosmetic Dentistry?

30+ years of
cosmetic dentistry.

Whether your goal is to have a smile that looks great on TikTok, Instagram, Zoom or just plain old real life, our expertise will get you there.

It’s your vision and our know-how working together to help you get an amazing smile, avoid jumping on trends you’ll regret, and do it all while still keeping your overall health as our #1 priority.

  • Over 3 Decades of Cosmetic Care Experience
  • A Holistic, Health-first Approach
  • Up to $25,000 in Dentalcard Financing
Experienced Burnaby cosmetic dentist Dr. Peter Balogh providing treatment to a patient at VCCID

They love their new smiles.
You will too.

*All photos are of work done by Dr. Balogh on actual patients
None of the photos have been retouched other than to crop images to the appropriate size and area of interest. These photos are examples only. The exact and potential outcome varies with each patient, depending on many factors such as the presenting condition(s), general health, and dental health, etc. If you wish to learn more we recommend contacting us for a consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment options, and results that are feasible for your dental condition.

Want something similar?

The first step is to book a personalized assessment. You’ll get details on options, pricing, treatment times and more.
Cosmetic Dentistry at VCCID

Get started in just
5 simple steps.

Getting cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. With a personalized consultation, you can find out everything you want to know.

Step 1: Book an appointment

There’s no better way to get reliable, personal information about what’s possible (and suitable) for your smile.

Step 2: Get x-rays and scans

The best way to create a plan for your smile is to understand it first. Scans and x-rays help us prevent unwanted surprises.

Step 3: Discuss your treatment goals

This might be the most important step. Cosmetic treatments are very personal, so it’s essential that we know exactly what you want.

Step 4: Build a budget and plan

Once we have a clearer picture of what your treatment will look like, we can help you to build a plan that works for your budget.

Step 5: Start your treatment

You’ve now got everything you need: a personalized plan and a budget, along with clear goals and expectations.

A young woman considering different tooth shade options, similar to the process at VCCID for certain Burnaby cosmetic dentistry procedures
The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Your ideal smile,
your tailored plan.

Your smile goals, oral health, and treatment budget are personal, so the cost of your treatment will be too. For our Burnaby dentists, the most important thing is that you have options: whether you’re looking for quick touch ups or a total makeover, we’ll help you create a plan that works for you.

You can get up to $25,000 in financing.

Our partnership with Dentalcard lets you use financing to pay at your pace, so you can start enjoying the smile you want sooner.

Cosmetic Dentisry FAQs

Cosmetic dentistry can fix practically any kind of imperfection in a smile. 

That might be a chip from an accident, stains from cigarettes or coffee, or even a small gap between two teeth — the treatments work separately or together to change your smile’s appearance.

Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is no. Benefits providers usually don’t count cosmetic treatments as eligible procedures. 

However, in cases where a treatment is also health-related, there can potentially be coverage – it’s always a good idea to check with your provider just to be sure.

There isn’t a minimum legal age for cosmetic dentistry, although there are some guidelines around when parent/guardian consent is needed. All cosmetic dentistry clinics in Burnaby (and throughout BC) must follow those guidelines.

With that being said, since younger smiles are still growing, it often doesn’t make sense for them to get cosmetic care since the finished “look” may change in just a few months.

While many cosmetic treatments last for years (and sometimes decades), they aren’t permanent and will need to be replaced or reapplied at the end of their lifespan.

It’s not just for celebs and influencers.

Book a consultation, talk to us, and see how getting the smile you want is easier than you think.