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General Dentistry
in Burnaby

From denture fittings to dental cleanings, get the peace of mind of complete all-ages holistic care at VCCID.

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Complete Oral Healthcare

Maintain healthy teeth and gums at any age.

At VCCID, we care for every part of your smile at every stage of its development. That makes everything simpler — if your smile needs something, all you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of it.

All-Ages Family Dentistry

From toddlers to seniors, receive checkups and essential dental care tailored to your family’s needs.

Dentures & Bridges

Bring confidence and usability back to your smile with bridges and partial, full or implant-mounted dentures.

Holistic Care Options

Look after your overall health with holistic treatment plans that are designed to be minimally-invasive.

Emergency Root Canals

Feeling sharp or throbbing pain that won’t stop? Get fast, lasting relief that removes the harmful bacteria.

Why VCCID for General Dentistry?

Bring 30+ years of experience to your smile.

We’ve cared for thousands of smiles since 1991, and we’ve used what we’ve learned to create a dental experience that’s gentle, effective, and predictable.

  • Experienced In-House Dentists, Denturist, and Periodontist
  • Modern Digital Imaging Equipment for Quicker and Safer Care
  • A Child-Friendly, Anxiety-Reducing Approach
Experienced Burnaby cosmetic dentist Dr. Peter Balogh providing treatment to a patient at VCCID

Been a while since you’ve seen a dentist?

That’s okay! Life happens, but if you’re ready to recommit to taking great care of your smile, our deep cleanings and restorative treatments will quickly get you back on track.

General Dentistry at VCCID

Register as a patient in just a few minutes.

If you’re ready to visit a dentist in Burnaby, we make it quick and easy.

Step 1: Book an appointment

Get in touch with us online or by phone. You can book an appointment right away or reach out first just to ask a few questions!

Step 2: Get set up as a patient

We’ll take note of any important medical information and help you migrate your records over if you’re coming from another local clinic.

Step 3: Receive an initial exam

Including x-rays and a complete oral exam, it’s like a baseline health check from your teeth, jaws, and overall oral health.

Step 4: Discuss your goals and budget

Oral health is important, but financial health is, too. We’ll talk about both with you and outline your best options for accessible dental care.

Step 5: Start your treatment

Whether it’s a straightforward dental check-up or the first step to restoring your smile with dentures. you’ll be all set to get the care you’re looking for.

How Much Does General Dentistry Cost?

Starting at $250 for check-ups & cleaning.

That includes an exam, x-rays, scaling, polishing, and fluoride. Have insurance or dental benefits? You can have some (or all!) of the cost covered, making your care even more affordable.

Prefer to pay with a plan?

No problem. We know that people like the flexibility of paying over time, so we’ve partnered with Dentalcard to offer up to $25,000 in low-interest plans and financing.

General Dentistry FAQs

General dentistry is about maintaining the basic health and functionality of your teeth. Mostly, that means assessing your oral health with scans and exams while also preventing future problems through routine cleanings, but it can also extend to restorative treatments like root canals and dentures that preserve or restore your smile.

There certainly are. Depending on the type of procedure you’re coming in for or the level of calmness you’re looking for, we offer light to moderate sedation options on top of any regular anesthetic that your treatment may need.

While we may provide urgent, emergency treatment on a walk-in basis, you generally do need to schedule an appointment before visiting us for dental care.

Yes, it is. While the care you receive at VCCID is holistic and puts an emphasis on full-body health through dentistry, that doesn’t affect your dental benefits claims in any way. You can get the whole-health care you’re looking for without giving up your benefits coverage.

Make having great oral health easy.

Become a patient at VCCID. Get all the dental care you need, all in one place.