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Full Mouth
Dental Implants

Choose the most stable full smile replacement. Eat, speak, and smile without worrying about slippage or chafing.

A pair of illustrations showing the structure of a full arch restoration as well as the feeling of satisfaction that a person can feel after restoring their smile with full mouth dental implants in Burnaby at VCCID

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An Upgrade On Dentures

Full mouth 
dental implants
feel like real teeth.

Imagine a stronger, more durable set of dentures that’s securely anchored in your mouth. That’s what you get with full mouth dental implants.

No Slipping or Chafing

You get incredible stability without any kind of gooey or grainy denture adhesives.

A Simpler Routine

Completely free yourself from the daily hassle of removing and cleaning your dentures.

Outstanding Value

Implants supported dentures can last for 25+ years and cost less than a full set of implants.

Why VCCID For Full Mouth Implants?

VCCID has 30+ years
of implant expertise.

You want a comfortable fit. You want a durable, natural-looking smile. And you want long-term health. At VCCID, we can help you get all three.

Your full mouth dental implants are crafted by an experienced Burnaby dentist and in-house denturist with decades of proven success in smile restoration. They bring dentistry and artistry together, helping you get holistic, minimally-invasive care and a strong, beautiful smile.

  • 30+ Years of Dental Implant Experience
  • Guaranteed Treatment Estimates
  • Up to $25,000 in Dentalcard Financing
A photograph of experienced implant dentist Dr. Peter Balogh alongside several options for dentures and full mouth dental implants in Burnaby at VCCID

They love their new smiles.
You will too.

*All photos are of work done by Dr. Balogh on actual patients
None of the photos have been retouched other than to crop images to the appropriate size and area of interest. These photos are examples only. The exact and potential outcome varies with each patient, depending on many factors such as the presenting condition(s), general health, and dental health, etc. If you wish to learn more we recommend contacting us for a consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment options, and results that are feasible for your dental condition.

Worried about the cost?

We can help with that. Our partnership with Dentalcard lets you get up to $25,000 in financing. So you can enjoy your new smile sooner!

Our Implants Process

It all starts with a plan.

The best way to feel confident about getting full mouth dental implants is to understand what you can expect. With our in-depth treatment planning, it’ll all become clear.

Step 1: Book an appointment

Ready to move beyond online research? A consultation will give you expert answers that are specific to your needs.

Step 2: Get an examination

They help us completely understand your oral health. Because when it comes to treatment, nobody likes surprises.

Step 3: Discuss your treatment goals

You’re getting full mouth dental implants for a reason. We want to understand the “why” so we can make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Step 4: Build a budget and plan

Health is an important consideration, but it isn’t the only one. We’ll help you understand your financial options, too.

Step 5: Start your treatment

That’s all! From health to finances, you’re now ready to make an informed decision about getting full mouth dental implants.

The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

An investment
in daily comfort.

At around $10,000 per jaw, full mouth dental implants are a significant investment for most people. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that they can last for 5x longer than dentures (sometimes even longer!), all while improving your quality of life every single day.

Absolutely zero surprise costs.

Our treatment estimates are guaranteed — if you need more care, you won’t have to pay extra. That’s how much we trust our expertise!

Full Mouth Dental Implants FAQs

Full mouth dental implants are expected to last for 15+ years, and – here at our Burnaby dental practice – we regularly see implants that are going strong after more than 25 years. We’ve even encountered dental implants that have been in place for 45 years – with proper care, they’re very durable!

It’ll take a few days, up to a couple of weeks, to recover from the immediate effects of the surgery. For complete healing, most people take 4-6 months before their mouths are 100% “back to normal”.

While traditional dentures are often covered by dental benefits or insurance, full mouth dental implants typically aren’t. However, coverage varies between plans, so it’s always a good idea to check with your provider if you aren’t sure.

No, getting full mouth dental implants isn’t painful. Like with any surgery, there’ll be some discomfort and swelling, but – with proper care – you won’t feel a lot of pain during or after the surgery.

Choose stability and comfort.

You use your smile every day — it deserves the very best. Book a consultation to learn more about your options for full mouth dental implants!