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Full, Partial, & Implant-Supported Dentures

Stop worrying about missing teeth. Start enjoying life with a complete, natural-looking smile again.

A pair of images showing the natural look and comfort of dentures in Burnaby provided by VCCID's denturist and dental team

Visit us for durable, reliable, and natural-looking dentures in Burnaby.

Personalized Smile Restoration

No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, dentures are a comfortable, affordable way to replace missing teeth and give yourself a full, confident smile again.

And unlike yesteryear’s messy, imprecise molded dentures, modern dentures are digitally crafted, offering a fit that’s more secure and comfortable than ever before.

An older patient smiling as a dental assistant uses a mouth model to explain some of the details of receiving dentures in Burnaby at VCCID
A gloved hand holding a set of full dentures like those available at VCCID in Burnaby
For a Whole New Smile

Complete/Full Dentures

They’re the tried-and-true dentures everyone knows. They can replace your bottom row, top row, or both rows of teeth, giving you a smile that’s complete, comfortable, and natural looking.

  • Full smile coverage
  • Removable for easy care
For Replacing a Few Teeth

Partial Dentures

Fitted snugly against the gumline and secured to surrounding teeth, partial dentures are one of the best alternatives to dental implants and dental bridges for replacing several teeth.

  • Great alternative to implants/bridges
  • Removable for easy care
An image showing an example of partial dentures in Burnaby provided at VCCID
An artist's representation of the type of implant-supported dentures available to people looking for dentures in Burnaby at VCCID
For The Most Secure Fit

Implant-supported Dentures

These dentures pair the stability and security of dental implants with the full mouth coverage of dentures, letting you more affordably enjoy the feeling of full mouth dental implants.

  • Maximum stability and security
  • More freedom to eat and be active

Dentures can be affordable.

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A profile image of VCCID's in-house denturist in Burnaby, Vicson Leung

Multigenerational Expertise.
Multidisciplinary Excellence.

Following in the footsteps of his father, our in-house denturist Vicson Leung has become an accomplished denture specialist in his own right. In his 10+ years as a denturist, he’s helped hundreds of people in Burnaby and across Metro Vancouver restore their smiles. His expertise in dentures, paired with our leading expertise in implant dentistry and smile aesthetics, is what sets VCCID apart from other Burnaby dentists and denture clinics.

Our Dentures Process

Step 1: Consultation

We’ll answer all of your questions, show you what to expect at every step, and help you become an educated patient.

Step 2: Scans & Exams

Your mouth will receive physical and digital assessments to make sure your transition to dentures is safe and smooth.

Step 3: Extractions (if needed)

Any teeth that need to be removed will be taken out 6-8 weeks in advance so swelling doesn’t affect the fit of your final dentures (you may receive temporary dentures in the meantime).

Step 4: Denture Creation

The digital scans from the second step will be used to create natural-looking, precisely fitted dentures for your mouth.

Step 5: Fitting & Adjustment

You’ll receive your new dentures and work with one of our dentists to make sure the fit is comfortable and pain-free.

Step 6: Follow-up Care

If you feel like your dentures need more adjustment after wearing them for a while, we’ll help you correct their fit.

Denture Care Tips

Have more questions about dentures?

Modern dentures are made out of a solid resin that’s more safe, comfortable, and durable than older dentures which used to be made from plastic or porcelain.

Well-fitted dentures stay in place through a combination of natural suction against the surface of the mouth, and can be assisted with denture adhesive. There are also some types of removable dentures that are secured with dental implants.

Your speech will sound different as you get used to the feeling of having dentures, but once you adjust you’ll be able to speak normally. They can also help you look younger by maintaining your facial structure and overall shape.

Yes, it’s possible to be fitted with dentures in a single day. These types of dentures are called “immediate dentures”, and although they’re only temporary (because your gums and muscles will shift once your teeth have been removed), they’re a great way of instantly restoring the look of your smile.

If you’re looking to restore the look and function of your smile, dentures are a more affordable alternative to dental implants, offering many of the same benefits at just a fraction of the cost.

If you have removable dentures, it’s best to take them out at night to prevent unnecessary wear on your dentures and the inside of your mouth.

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