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Heal your gums with our
Burnaby Periodontist

Get gentle, minimally-invasive deep cleaning and treatment for mild to severe periodontal disease.

From bleeding gums to receding gums, our periodontal specialist can help.

Complete Periodontal Treatment

Halt periodontal disease.
Revitalize your gums.

VCCID’s certified specialist in periodontics, Dr. Polly Huang, will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. In many cases, all it takes is one or two visits to see significantly healthier gums!

Scaling & Root Planing

Give your gums a clean slate by removing built up plaque and tartar, even below the gum line.

Antibiotic Therapy

Stop plaque bacteria from regaining a foothold with powerful, clinical-strength antibiotic formulas.

Periodontal Grafting & Surgery

Reverse gum recession with minimally-invasive grafting techniques that replace infected gum tissue.

Peri-implantitis Treatment

Protect soft tissue and bone mass from damage with both antimicrobial and surgical treatments.

Dr. Polly Huang, DMD | Burnaby Periodontist

Get gum care expertise that even other dentists rely on.

Dr. Huang has invested years into developing effective, minimally-invasive gum disease treatment techniques. Not only is she a board-certified periodontist, but she’s also trusted as an educator by some of Canada’s biggest dental schools and organizations.

  • Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia
  • Peri-implantitis and Oral Hygiene Care Lecturer with Dentsply Sirona Canada
  • Periodontology and Implantology Educator at RipeGlobal

We’re not here to judge.

If you’re feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about your oral health — don’t worry.
Our goal is to reset your gum health and give you everything you need to keep them that way.

Periodontics at VCCID

Ready to restore your gums? Here’s how to get started.

Looking for a periodontist in Burnaby? At VCCID, it’s easy to get the care you’re looking for.

Step 1: Book a consultation

You can book online or by phone in just a few minutes. Need to ask a few questions first? Give us a call — we’d be happy to help.

Step 2: Receive an initial exam

We’ll take a few scans and evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums to see which treatments make sense for you.

Step 3: Discuss your goals and budget

Once we understand your oral health situation, we’ll share our findings with you and provide you with treatment options that fit your goals and budget.

Step 4: Review your treatment plan

After you’ve explored your options, we’ll finalize your personalized periodontal treatment plan and explain what your next steps will be.

Step 5: Start your periodontal treatment

That usually begins with an initial scaling and root planing appointment as well as a prescription for antibiotics that you can start using right away.

How Much Does Periodontal Treatment Cost?

Only pay for what you need with personalized pricing.

Your treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. At VCCID, neither is your bill. With us, you’ll only ever be charged for the care you receive — no automatic inclusions of scans or materials that you don’t need.

Many insurance plans cover periodontics.

Depending on your plan, most or even all of your treatment cost may be covered. Don’t have insurance? We also offer flexible payment plans through Dentalcard!

Periodontal Treatment FAQs

No, you don’t need a referral to visit a periodontist. Your regular general dentist might refer you to a periodontist if they notice a gum-related issue that they aren’t able to treat, but you can also book a consultation and treatment directly with a periodontist on your own.

General dentists can identify and treat early-stage gum disease, but once the disease reaches more advanced stages, a periodontist is typically the more suitable choice. If you notice one or a combination of the following signs, you should book a consultation with a periodontist.

  • Gums with heavy bleeding or swelling
  • Sharp or throbbing pain in your gums
  • Teeth that feel loose
  • Changes to your bite alignment
  • Receding gums

Since periodontal treatments are provided with anesthesia, most people don’t experience much, if any, discomfort.

You might experience soreness or sensitivity after scaling and root planing or gum surgery, but nothing that can’t be easily managed with over-the-counter medication.

In many cases, reducing the symptoms or discomfort from mild to moderate periodontal disease just takes an initial deep cleaning and follow-up maintenance visit scheduled a few weeks apart.

Make your gums strong and healthy again.

Book a consultation with Dr. Huang and reclaim your gums from harmful plaque bacteria.