The first step to beautifying your smile is the VCCID Cosmetic Analysis. After an initial consultation to determine suitable treatments, Dr. Balogh prepares a computer and model analysis of your teeth and smile to illustrate how your new smile will look before you agree to treatment and changes are made. This step ensures your satisfaction with our approach before we even begin.

Treatments we propose will depend on your present smile, the concerns you have about your teeth and what you expect your smile to look like once treatment is complete.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing Treatment

  • Are you happy with the colour of your teeth? Do you want them to be whiter?
  • Are you happy with the size, shape and length of your teeth?
  • Do you want your front teeth to have very straight, flat edges or slightly rounded?
  • Do you have any fillings in the front which will show and possibly “stand out” once treatment is complete?
  • Is the appearance of gum tissue in proportion to the smile and the show of teeth?

It can also be helpful to bring in photographs of smiles that you like so that we can determine what your expectations are and the ideal treatment solution.

This is what our patient had to say:

“As you know (because I think I told you my whole life’s story), I am a sales/marketing manager and a singer, so my mouth is open a lot! Friends who knew I was getting the work done were very impressed with the change. However, I think the MOST REWARDING times are when people who did not know me before actually approach me to compliment my “sterling” smile.

My confidence has improved dramatically, and it feels like my health has improved as well. The most difficult thing I’ve encountered is having to retrain myself to open my lips when I smile. My family says I look and act much happier. (…duh?)“

Seattle, Wash.

Contact Dr. Balogh today to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options and receive a no obligation cosmetic analysis.