Enjoy all of life’s pleasures.  Dental Implants can help you to eat better, feel better and look better.

“There are so many things in life that give us pleasure and enjoyment. However, as we age, we may unfortunately become ill, weak or arthritic and be unable to enjoy those very same things. However, the ability to eat comfortably, to be able to eat the foods you want to eat, to feel comfortable eating and speaking in a social setting, and to be able to eat the type of foods necessary for good health may very well be one of the few enjoyments we have in our twilight years. Dental implants can provide that enjoyment. Dr. Balogh

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10 Benefits of Permanent Implants

  1. Stabilize your mouth. Maintain healthy adjacent teeth, stop long-term decay and prevent bone loss.
  2. Reduce the stress on your remaining teeth. Implants take some of the load, reducing the forces on adjacent teeth, allowing them to strengthen up.
  3. Regain your self esteem and look younger, naturally. Improve your smile, increase soft tissue support and ‘fill out’ your face, preventing cheek collapse and thinning of the lips.
  4. Enjoy food again. Improve your bite, your biting force, and taste sensation. Comfortably enjoy steak, apples, nuts. No more food trapped between dentures and gums!
  5. Increase your digestion by being able to chew your food thoroughly with less gagging.
  6. No more pain. Eliminate hot and cold sensitivity.
  7. Feel secure knowing your implants use titanium alloys which are very biocompatible – bone grows right against the surface.
  8. Feel confident speaking, knowing your teeth are solid. Implants provide a better foundation for speech.
  9. Reduce surgery time. Most surgeries are simple, procedures are often less than 90 minutes, can be done in the office and in some cases an immediate implant can be placed. Total treatment time is often less than 4 months.
  10. Maintenance is easy. And with a 98% success rate compared to crowns or bridges, you can be sure your implants will last.