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If I Need a Root Canal, What Should I Do?

At this point the focal infection theory is still very controversial and the evidence for it is not very definitive. The standard of care from the Canadian and American Dental Associations is root canals are effective and the focal infection theory is invalid or questionable at best. Based on a lack of tooth symptoms and x-rays alone, about 85-90% of all root canals are successful, in that there are no signs of infection or symptoms from the tooth. When they do fail, it can be the result of difficulty obtaining a proper seal at the tip of the root and/or the strength of your immune system. This can often be corrected by a retreatment or cleaning the area at the tip of the root (apicoectomy).

Further, there are alternative root canal ‘fillers’ that may be appropriate options for patients with concerns about focal infection.

Therefore, prior to making any irreversible decisions such as extracting a tooth you should review all of your options, evidence and health concerns with your dentist. The VCCID team would be happy to provide you with additional information about your root canal options. Please call us today.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say About Us?


“I really trust his opinion”

Dr Balogh always makes me feel comfortable and I really trust his opinion. Bahar is extremely friendly and welcoming. Ryan always does a great job too. I would not want to go anywhere else.

– B Finnicane, Burnaby

“was thrilled to experience ZERO pain!”

I was on the receiving end of a high stick at a hockey game which chipped my tooth. A root canal was needed. I’ve never had a root canal before and had heard of horror stories from friends who had gotten them in the past. So I had a root canal and was thrilled to experience ZERO pain! Dr. Balogh and his team made me feel at ease the whole way. Thank you!

– Ramesh, Richmond


Are Root Canals Painful?

No. Today root canals do not need to be painful at all. If a tooth is properly anaesthetized, a person will not feel discomfort during a root canal, any more than one would during routine fillings. And the majority of root canals today are completed painlessly within one appointment.

The Truth is – Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it.

illustration of root canal procedure

Are Root Canals Safe?

There has been some ongoing controversy over the safety of root canaled teeth. When a root canal is properly done, all the living and dead tissue within the canal is removed. The canal is irrigated with antibacterial solutions to eliminate any bacteria present, and then a combination of filling material and sealers/cements are used to fill the canal. The success of the treatment is traditionally based on a lack of symptoms, an x ray showing filling material completely sealing the canal to the tip of the root and no sign of infection on the x ray itself.

However, the roots of our teeth are made up of dentin. This material is porous and contains many microscopic tubules. Some experts believe that even successful root canals may contain some living or dead bacteria within these tubules, and that these bacteria and/or the toxins they produce may potentially spread to other areas of the body causing health problems, even though the tooth itself will feel fine and appear normal. This theory is known as focal infection and the alternative has been to simply extract the tooth. Since the 1990’s the focal infection theory has seen a resurgence and many patients and some practitioners are now beginning to question the success and the possible health concerns of root canaled teeth.

Image of tooth before Root Canal Treatment & After

before and after root canal treatment

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