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Introduction to Dr. Peter Balogh

Introduction to Dr. Peter Balogh, Burnaby Dentist

My name is Peter Balogh. I am the owner and director of the Vancouver Centre for Cosmetic Implant Dentistry in Vancouver, British Columbia. Today you are watching a series of videos that we normally do as live presentations. We’ve decided to video tape these so that you could watch them from the comfort of your own home and also at your own pace. We’re going to cover a variety of topics.

Dental Implant Video Series

First of all, we’re going to cover what happens when we lose teeth. Is it important if we lose one or two teeth? What happens if we lose half our teeth? What’s going to be the effect on our other teeth? How does it affect our chewing and our quality of life?

Secondly, we’re also going to talk about the history of dental implants. What is a dental implant? How does it work? How is it different than our natural teeth? And what are we doing today with implants, and where are we going in the future?

Third, we’re going to talk about treatment options, pros and cons. As you can see, there is a number of teeth here in front of me. Once we have a dental implant in place, there’s a wide range of ways that we can place teeth on top. With each one of these, you’re going to learn some are better than others, and each person may choose a different set of teeth that might be better suited to their desires, needs, and preferences.

We’re also going to look at a number of real life cases, and the ones I’m going to show you here are all people that we have treated, with a few exceptions, and you’re going to be able to see cases that we’ve done from as little as a few years ago to as many as well over 20 years ago.

Costs are another part of our presentation, and of course that’s very important, so we’ll talk about costs just in general terms so you have a rough idea as far as what are you looking at as far as costs are concerned. Is there value in going ahead with this treatment?

We welcome any questions that you do have. We welcome any phone calls or emails, and we’ll try to answer your questions as best possible. Of course, any of you that are in the Greater Vancouver area or visiting, we’d be happy to see you personally.

About Dr. Peter Balogh, Burnaby Dentist – Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

To tell you a little bit about myself, I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 24 years and implant dentistry for well over 22. I offer both surgical and prosthetic, in other words, the teeth that goes in place, all phases of implants, basically from beginning to end, including bone grafting. Over the last 20 years, I have gathered well over eighteen hundred hours in continuing education in implant dentistry alone. I have presented seminars and lectures for dental implant companies, dentists, denturists, and other dental auxiliaries.

I am currently involved in the Vancouver MaxiCourse as a surgical instructor and mentor. I am also a Diplomat with the American Board of Oral Implantology. It’s one of the highest recognitions that anyone can receive in the field of implant dentistry worldwide today. Approximately seven years ago, around 2007, I was honoured to be the 374th member to have received that recognition. Even today, seven years ago, it’s now 2013 as we’re filming this I believe there is maybe only five hundred dentists who’ve been able to achieve this recognition worldwide.

It’s a pleasure and honour to offer these seminars to you. It’s my way of giving back to the general public and also to the profession for all that dentistry has provided me and for the recognition that I have received over the years.

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Full Upper and Lower Crowns

Vancouver, 2003

Repair Broken Front Teeth

Coquitlam, 2018

Anterior Crowns to correct bite

Burnaby, 2004

Crown, Bridges and Denture

Burnaby, 1998

Single Implant Front Tooth



*All photos presented are of work done by Dr. Balogh on actual patients. None of the photos have been retouched other than to crop images to the appropriate size and area of interest. These photos are examples only. The exact and potential outcome varies with each patient, depending on many factors such as the presenting condition(s), general health, and dental health, etc. If you wish to learn more we recommend contacting us for a consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment options, and results that are feasible for your dental condition.

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