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Why Should I Get Dentures?

Why Should I Get Dentures?

Dentures are a form of tooth replacement. When you lose a tooth, due to accident, illness or injury there are several different options for replacing it. Dentures are generally the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way of replacing lost teeth.

Advantages Of Dentures

1) Fast replacement for lost teeth

Dentures can be made quickly. Thanks to 21st technology they also look more realistic than ever. Dentures can be a permanent or temporary tooth replacement option. When patients are looking for the fastest way to replace missing teeth, dentures are often the first thing to consider, whether as a temporary measure or for the long term.

2) Surgery and pain-free

One alternative to dentures is dental implants. Although dental surgery can be done painlessly and with minimal postoperative discomfort, there may be several reasons why someone may consider dentures…it could be health, financial or timing reasons. However, it may be necessary to replace the missing teeth for either functional or aesthetic considerations.

3) Dentures are affordable

For many, the price of tooth replacement alternatives can be extensive, especially if they are missing several teeth. Dentures are generally the least expensive option compared to the cost of implants or bridges.

4) Dentures enhance personal appearance

Many people become self-conscious when they are missing one or several teeth. They avoid smiling, speaking or taking photos. This can end up causing serious repercussions in the workplace, self-esteem and interpersonally. Dentures can replace the gaps in your smile so you never feel as though you have to hide it.

Dentures resolve bite problems caused by missing teeth

Although dentures are not as effective as other tooth replacement options when it comes to biting and chewing food, they are certainly better than chewing food with missing teeth. Eating with missing teeth can lead to improperly chewed food and can be a choking hazard. If you have some teeth remaining, (partial) dentures will help to prevent shifting, tipping, and overeruption of your remaining teeth.

Who is a good candidate for dentures?

Just about anyone who is missing one to several teeth is a potential candidate for dentures.

Whether a denture is the right choice for you will depend on several factors:

  • Your expectations of how well the teeth will work
  • How quickly you need/want the teeth
  • Your short and long-term plans regarding your teeth
  • Your budget

They are perfect for those seeking a fast and effective means of tooth replacement. Some people choose to have a denture for the long term as other options are either too cost prohibitive or health reasons prevent them from utilizing the other options available.

Sometimes people get dentures while they are waiting for a full set of dental implants. Dentures will quickly and effectively improve your smile. They give you a full set of new teeth so you can smile with confidence right away.

Key Advantages of Dentures

The biggest advantage of dentures is that they can be made quickly and relatively inexpensively. If you need to have teeth removed, the dentures can be made in advance and inserted the day the teeth are removed.

Aesthetically, if done well, they can look very natural and potentially improve your smile if your natural teeth were less than ideal.

Dentures can help to fill out your cheeks and avoid a “hollow” appearance in your face. The teeth, bone and gum tissue provides soft tissue support to the lips and cheeks. Sometimes when tooth and bone loss has been extensive, your face can appear sunken where there are large gaps in your teeth.

Your bite may even be “collapsed” which describes the loss of vertical dimension of the lower half of the face. This can make you appear gaunt, or older than you really are. Dentures can fill this space and restore this vertical dimension so your cheeks appear more full and your face does not look so collapsed.

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