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Being perfectly honest….no one truly needs cosmetic dentistry! If we simply want to be able to eat well, chew and digest our food well then we do need a reasonably good set of teeth for function, however, whether they look pretty will not matter in the least!

However, our overall appearance and our smile/teeth are very important, especially in today’s’ society. How we perceive ourselves, our self-confidence or lack thereof, and how others perceive and receive us is unfortunately affected by our external appearance. We can be the best-dressed man/woman with beautiful hair, physique, and even clothing, but if our smile is less than attractive (or at least reasonable) then that will be what is noticed and remembered.

I can speak not only as a dentist but as a patient with personal experience. I did not take the best care of my teeth in my youth, and a very aggressive grinding habit meant I had worn my teeth down 50% by the time I was in my early 30’s. I was well aware of my short teeth which were not the best colour and which you could barely see when I smiled, and hence I refrained from smiling “with my teeth”. After some orthodontics to fix a bite issue I had porcelain veneers placed to repair my worn teeth. That was close to 17 years ago and have never had one second of regret since….it was one of the best things I have done for my smile and my self-esteem.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry often fulfills both a functional and emotional role, transforming the life and self-esteem of countless dental patients worldwide. So why do you “need” cosmetic dentistry treatments? Here are 4 great reasons.

1. Restored Functionality

Not everything that has function has to skimp on looks. Many times we recommend dental treatment for functional or strength/restorative reasons and at the same time can improve the cosmetics. By using porcelain and ceramic materials, dentists can customize life-like tooth replacements, dentures, inlays, onlays, and caps. These innovations don’t just fill in cavities or cover up traces of old decay, they also look great in the process. Modern cosmetic dentistry has found a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

2. Prevent Future Dental Problems

In some cases, people have teeth that are chipped, broken or worn. Although these can often be repaired with fillings, the fillings may not be strong enough and may also discolour over time. Hence these fillings require ongoing maintenance and repair. In these cases, porcelain veneers will be stronger and more resistant to stains.

3. Increased Self Esteem

The effects that looking better have on a person’s mental health cannot be overlooked. Living day-to-day with teeth that one doesn’t feel comfortable in can take a toll on one’s confidence. This can put up invisible barriers to a plethora of situations and opportunities. Making a small upgrade to improve one’s teeth can make a big difference. For example, choosing a tooth-coloured inlay instead of a cheaper metal filling can be the difference between covering up a smile and feeling proud to smile in photos.

Having increased confidence advances a person in many areas of their life. Feeling good can be that small boost someone needs to get out the door and discover great things like new hobbies, places to hang out, and new friends.

4. Gives a Professional Boost

The confidence issues that stem from poor teeth can also hold someone back in their career pursuits. In a digital world where the job hunt has become far more visual through social media and high-resolution professional photos, a candidate with a missing tooth may feel at a loss. Cosmetic dentistry offers many viable solutions to restore and greatly improve one’s smile. This will help the job seeker look confident on LinkedIn, presenting a professional image that matches their attitude.
Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?
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